MegaGroshi - short term personal loans

MegaGroshi is a steadily growing, fully licensed Ukrainian PDL (payday loan) brand.

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  • Interés fijo, % 15
  • Tiempo de funcionamiento, meses 12
  • Objetivo, € 100.000
  • Ya invertido, € 20.814

Why invest in MegaGroshi:

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    Income opportunities

    15% fixed annual interest rate, 2 years maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    Additional benefits

    Kuetzal Care, Investment Buy-back

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    Sufficient background

    Stable income along with constant company development.

  • 4

    Safety and transparency

    Fully licensed company with all the relevant information available in public.

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About MegaGroshi

MegaGroshi — Ukrainian microfinance service with which you can quickly and conveniently apply for an online loan. No queues at the bank, no hidden fees and no paperwork.

It is enough to register on the website, use a credit calculator and confirm your bank card. The decision to issue money is taken automatically within 10 minutes.

Loan amounts: 15-500 EUR

Loan terms: 7-27 days.

Average loan amount: 60 EUR

MegaGroshi was established in 2017. The main goal of MegaGroshi is to provide customers with immediate assistance in the event of unforeseen financial situations. The way the company assesses the creditworthiness of its clients is by using various scoring models, depending on the clients' sociodemographic parameters such as age, credit history and other factors.

The typical borrowers of loans issued by MegaGroshi are aged 18 to 71 years; an annual percentage rate (APR) of 657%.

Number of employees: 25

Ukraine market overview:

Market with high potential for investments:

  • Population of 42 million
  • 3.1% GDP growth (April 2018, y/y), driven by strong investment demand and recovering private consumption
  • Consumer (household) debt constitutes 5.8% of GDP, being the lowest in Europe and showing high growth capacity
  • Foreign reserves increased by 141.3% from December 2014 to April 2018, growth continues
  • USD/UAH and EUR/UAH exchange rates are being stable from 2015 till now
  • Important reforms are continuing, securing further co-operation with IMF and EU

Sources: State Statistics Service of Ukraine, NBU, Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, IMF, World Bank

Since the service launch company was able to:

  • open and launch a new brand in Ukraine’s MFO market
  • establish a strong team of international specialists
  • develop an own platform for PDL
  • automate the loan disbursement process
  • standardize collection operations
  • generate an income of 250,000 EUR during the first nine months in business
  • gain 121,607 registered users for the platform

Company’s goals for the next two years:

  • Reaching operating income yield
  • Automating the scoring and lending process
  • 300% growth of the credit portfolio
  • Increasing profitability of repeated and extended loans
  • Reaching operating profitability
  • Standardizing MegaGroshi technologies and platform
  • Implementing GENI risk analysis models
  • Implementing large data analysis systems (machine learning)

Strengthen the management team with experts in:

  • Risk management
  • Data analysis and research
  • Project management

Fondos solicitados distribución planificada

  • 100000 • 100% Portfolio increase, team-building

Visión general del mercado

For several years, Ukraine’s microfinance organizations (MFO) market has been steadily growing. Clear market and market player formation trends became visible, too. According to publicly available data for 2017, microfinance companies have disbursed the total of UAH 22 billion (approximately EUR 700,000,000) worth of loans to Ukrainians. At present, there is a clear division into banking and nonbanking products. The market’s dynamics and sustainable growth indicate obvious demand for this product among the broad consumer audience. Banks actually cannot be considered competitors for MFOs as the latter operate in the PDL (payday loan) segment, and this situation opens broad opportunities for growth, given sustainable project financing.


A better Team is out there. We'll help you find it to use.


CEO and Co-founder at MegaGroshi

In year 2017 Deniss has converted a great idea and technological progress into extremely successful service. He holds Masters Degree in business administration. Deniss is an experienced team leader. He is highly motivated, goal-oriented and experienced in PDL market.


Head of Marketing at MegaGroshi

Andrejs holds Master’s degree at business administration from Latvian University. Andrejs has interest in various business industries. He is successfully leading marketing activities within the company since the very first day of it’s lauch.

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