Transport Company Optilog was founded in 2006. Over the years of doing business the Company has gained the character of a sustainable and reliable partner.

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    13% fixed annual interest rate, 2 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    More than 2,2 million revenue in 2018.

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    Incorporated in October 2006 has a big experience in logistics.

About Optilog

Transport Company Optilog was founded in 2006. Over the years of doing business the Company has gained the character of a sustainable and reliable partner. A carefully gathered team of professionals in the transport logistics field is providing the most efficient services. Dynamic development and market needs allowed the Company to hold its own vehicle fleet comprised of various vehicle types - standard tilt trailers, cubature trailers (road-trains), refrigerators and container platforms.

Company insurance policy allows clients to carry valuable freights, such as: electronics, alcohol, clothes, and household appliances.

All vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking System, which enables to keep track of location of a vehicle through the route. Regular customers may have access to view and trace vehicles on their own.

Nowadays Optilog is not only a forwarder, but also provides a full logistic service, including multimodal logistic and warehousing.

  • MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION Often it is impossible to transport cargo using only one mode of transportation, e.g., in intercontinental ransportation. In that event the multimodal transportation, which enables to combine the transportation modes, is irreplaceable.
  • ROAD TRANSPORTATION Currently road haulage is the most popular mode of cargo handling. There are so many carriers on the market that at times it is quite difficult to decide in favour of a certain company. The most important is to define clearly the choice criteria.
  • WAREHOUSING The requirements of a customer are not limited only to storage, we receive more and more requests for the broad range of arrangements on safety of cargo, its handling and sorting. Therefore we offer to our customers the warehousing logistics.


Historically, Latvia has been one of the main transit points for both north-south and east-west trade flows. Its geographical location remains central to strategically relevant transportation flows connecting major world economies like the USA, European Union, Russia, the CIS and the Far East. The transit sector is one of the strongest industrial sectors in Latvia. Nearly 90 % of turnover in Latvian ports, more than 80 % of rail cargo, and the major proportion of oil and oil products transported via trunk pipeline systems is transit. More than 8 % of Latvia's employees are engaged in the transportation and servicing of transit cargo. The importance of the transport, transit and storage sector in terms of GDP contribution is substantial at around 9 %.

Latvia recognizes the development of an effective, secure, multi-modal, balanced, environmentally-friendly and competitive transport system to be a priority. The main goal for the sustainable development of Latvia’s transport system is to fully integrate Latvia’s transport infrastructure with the Trans-European multi-modal transport system. Special attention is being paid to developing coastal shipping and combined transportation. Promotion of ferry traffic in the Baltic Sea is being, and will be emphasised further by involving Latvia’s port authorities. A key priority is to construct and develop industrial, logistics and distribution parks. In developing the transport and energy infrastructure of the European Union, essential conditions are: the effective use of the transport and energy network; the planning of development from an economic point of view, taking into account established goods and passenger transport corridors; and the development potential of economic relations between the European Union and neighbouring countries.

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  • 120000 100% Volume increasing


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Olegs Kudrjavcevs

CEO and founder SIA “OPTILOG”

Oleg has a professional experience in international logistics. Before 2006 Oleg was involved in other logistic projects, after what he had his own vision and founded “Optilog”.

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