Crypto-mining container #2

ECMA is constructing crypto-mining container and filling it with self-made crypto-mining servers.

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  • Fixed interest, % 18
  • Running time, months 24
  • Goal, € 800.000
  • Already invested, € 516.119

Why invest (Key advantages):

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    Income opportunities

    18% fixed annual interest rate, 2 years maturity with monthly interest payments.

  • 2

    Essential background

    Officially registered association with more than 6 years experience in crypto-market.

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    You are protected

    Kuetzal Care applied

  • 4

    Authentic product

    Unique self-made hardware and software, self-made mining containers

  • 5

    Sufficient experience

    More than 1500 mining units and 24 containers all over Europe.

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    Additional benefits

    Long-term agreements with electricity suppliers, which creates additional monetary and security benefits.

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General information

What is ECMA?

ECMA (European Crypto-Mining Association) was one of the first registered associations that was offering blockchain and cryptocurrency services in Europe. Over the years ECMA has built a solid reputation with it’s customers and suppliers. Among the hardware supplying partners are such companies as Intel, Asus and NVIDIA. Company is residing in Riga, Latvia, but it’s mining containers are located in different European countries. ECMA is providing it’s services for private investors, corporations and cryptocurrency oriented businesses.

Main ECMA services are:

  • Hardware purchasing, storage and day-to-day management
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting
  • Audit and regulation
  • Customized software development for crypto-mining
  • Blockchain solutions

Mining Server ONE:

In a direct/contract cooperation with Intel and Asus Corporation, European Crypto Mining Association has become the first organization to design and develop new generation of crypto mining hardware GPU/CPU hybrid - Intel Xeon Phi co-processor based servers.

The table below show detailed comparison of Mining Server One and classical crypto-mining hardware such as videocards and ASICs:

Transparency and focus on long-term relations along with unique technology such as Mining Server ONE create advantage for ECMA over their competitors (crypto-funds, cloud mining platforms, private mining providers). ECMA is focusing on continuous improvement and constantly develops and renews it’s inventory to guarantee maximal efficiency.

Self-made mining containers:

Since year 2017 ECMA is assembling mining containers. Mining container differs from classical transportation container. All mining containers are equipped with cooling system and ventilation, which is necessary for hardware durability. There is a humidity control as the humid has to be fixed inside. Custom air filters allow to avoid small insects penetration which can sufficiently damage the hardware and cooling system. ECMA’s staff is monitoring their containers on regular basis to make sure all the hardware is working efficiently.

Requested funds planned distribution

  • 20000 3% Special mining container manufacturing
  • 785000 97% Intel CPU units purchase

Market overview

Cryptocurrency market has grown massively since the past years. Along with Bitcoin growth, whole crypto-market developed a lot. As an outcome, there were thousands of companies created, which are offering different crypto-services.

Even though cryptocurrency market as considered as one of the most volatile among the trending ones, crypto-mining remains being of the most safe and stable investment opportunities. Price of particular crypto-currencies does not significantly affect mining profitability. ECMA’s strategy for mining considers long-term investment and has nothing common with crypto speculation.


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Dmitry Litkin

Co-founder, CEO and Risk manager at European Crypto-Mining Association

Legal and corporate top management since 2007. High risk business auditor and development specialist. MBA in corporate law. Crypto-currency expert and consultant.

Igor Sakulin

Co-founder, Hardware and software engineer at European Crypto-Mining Association

Igor is an expert in blockchain and crypto software. He is passionate about innovations related to mining machinery. Igor is the father of Mining Server ONE at ECMA.

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