Anniņmuižas Parka rezidence

Energiamaja Konsultatsioonid OÜ is operating as real estate developer and general constructor. Company is oriented to perspective and nature friendly projects. Anninmuizas Parka residence has 19 apartments already reserved.

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  • Fixed interest, % 10.5
  • Running time, months 24
  • Goal, € 500.000
  • Already invested, € 346.187

Why invest in Anniņmuižas Parka rezidence (Key advantages)

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    Income opportunities

    10.5% fixed annual interest rate, 2 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    Sufficient background

    Experienced team with many years of developing real-estate projects.

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    You are protected

    Kuetzal Care and Investment buy-back available.

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    Other advantages

    Collateral from the company. Member of the management board of the borrower Tullio Liblik will provide a personal surety in the full mortgage amount.

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General information

The name of the residential building “Anniņmuižas parka rezidence” is closely connected with the history of the Imanta district and the history of the Anniņumuiža park. The name of the forest park originated in the second half of the 18th century, when Baron Otto von Witinghoff Scheil married Anna Ulrik von Munnich and built the Annenhof (Anninmuija) estate, calling it after his wife. In the "Merry Manor", as the townspeople called it, theatrical performances, balls and other social events often took place. At present, at any time of the year, this forest park is a favorite place for recreation and walks of the residents of Imanta. “Anniņmuižas parka rezidence” is an original multi-storey residential building that fits into the surrounding landscape with its natural finishing materials and large panoramic windows reflecting the surrounding nature. The six-storey building offers 1, 2, 3, 4-room apartments with full decoration. Each apartment has either classic or French balconies. Apartments on the first floor have their own small courtyard. Modern heating system built under parquet floors throughout the apartment. This is a modern, energy-efficient system that has been recognized and is currently used in all Scandinavian countries. Interior decoration of the apartments is available in three versions. Each of them is made in soft pastel colors. The designer perfectly matched the colors of the parquet, tiles and walls. The building has three spacious staircases with glazed panoramic elevators, as well as 40 underground parking lots. On the territory there are eight parking spaces for residents of the house, paved walkways, a children's playground and a well-maintained green area around the house with video surveillance.

Requested funds planned distribution

  • 500000 • 100% Finishing of Multi-apartment building “Aninnmuizas rezidence”.

Market overview

The new apartment market of Riga during the first five months of 2018, has seen 571 sales and purchase transaction gross value registered in the Land Register of 66.6 million euros.

An average of 110-120 transactions per month were concluded with apartments in new projects this year, which is by 15% more than in this period in 2017.

What does the buyer focus on?

  • The key factor of choice is the price, the buyer makes very well-considered and rational decisions.
  • In a case of similar choices, the buyer will select a project, built by a well-known developer having good reputation's

Anninmuizas parka rezidence is one of the best options that meet both criteria. There are 19 apartments already reserved, that proofs, high interest of this project.


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Tullio Liblik

CEO and Member of the board at “Energiamaja Konsultatsioonid”

Tullio is an Estonian entrepreneur, the CEO and member of the board of the investment company Saarte Investeering and the chairman of the council of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre.

Aivar Villemson

Director of sales at “Energiamaja Konsultatsioonid”

Aivar attaches great importance to development and willingness to accompany with time, being ahead of others. Aivar has extensive and years of expertise in real estate development and energy efficiency, being the first in Estonia to implement energy efficient real estate planning and projects.

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