Velox Row-House

SIA “AA Development” is developing and constructing real estate projects in Latvia. Company always is searching for new building solutions, which will coincide with high efficiency and ecology requirements.

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  • Laufzeit, Monate 12
  • Ziel, € 380.000
  • Schon investiert, € 95.965

Why invest in Velox (Key advantages)

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    Income opportunities

    19.5% fixed annual interest rate, 1 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    Essential background

    Sufficient experience.

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    You are protected

    Kuetzal Care and investment Buy-back available.

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    Other advantages

    Collateral-land and building. Environmentally friendly project.

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General information

Latvian development company SIA “AA Development” in cooperation with already known SIA “Velox Latvija” is developing a 363m2 row-house for 3 families in Riga. Project will be performed and realized using authentic high-tech Velox material. All 3 houses have similar inner planning, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and living room each. Both houses are featured with comfortable garage which is connected both house and outer territory.

Project was developed and designed by SIA “AA development”. Patented material and working process maintenance is provided by SIA “Velox Latvija” that has more than 10 years experience with wide range of private and residential houses construction. More information about the company could be found on

Core advantages

Velox is a sophisticated, green and energy efficient building system suitable for all types of structures. An environmentally friendly and energy efficient building solution is becoming an increasingly desirable option for many individuals, industries and commercial ventures. The result is an increased demand for genuine eco solutions and energy efficient building materials. The main principles of ecology are preserved during the production of the basic elements of the Velox building system. The production technology uses natural materials (processed wood chips) that are energy efficient and do not create any fumes or hazardous waste which would impact the environment. Waste from the construction of a Velox build can be returned to the factory, where it is recycled. The Velox building system also features excellent sound and thermal insulation properties without thermal bridges – saving energy in the finished building. Both of these properties meet ecological requirements to save energy. Using natural materials ensures a healthy and hygienic living environment.

Velox is cost effective. Velox building system offers a significant return on investment – not only during the construction due to low transport costs, minimal storage space, the need for fewer workers and plaster and building material savings due to accuracy – but also in the finished buildings, where there is a significant saving on heating costs. The walls of a VELOX building achieve high thermal resistance even at a thickness of 30cm, which increases the usable construction area.

  • For 1m² walls you only need 2 boards of VELOX
  • 2 boards of VELOX replace 60 bricks or 10 concrete blocks
  • 100m² of built up area (1 detached house, ground floor and attic) = 21t = 1 lorry load

Velox for comfortable living. Velox buildings create the perfect blend of thermal insulation and heat accumulation to create a comfortable living environment. Due to the excellent thermal resistance of the external walls and the heat accumulation of concrete cores, rooms remain pleasantly cool throughout the summer and retain necessary heat in winter. The ability to absorb external noise interference and high fire protection, together with ideal thermal characteristics creates a comfortable living space.

With Velox developer can build low-energy houses, where the need for heating provided by one of the standardized calculations and with respect to 1m2 of floor area heated does not exceed 50 kWh per year.

The low demand for heating of houses built with Velox technology are the result, not only of the excellent thermal insulation properties of walls with optional insulation of up to 200 mm, but also the accumulation and thus the thermal inertia of the walls several times higher than conventional building materials.

This combination allows you to accumulate heat from sunlight through glazed areas during the day and in the evening return it back into the living space. This has a reverse effect in the summer where accumulated evening and night time cold air helps maintain a pleasant room temperature without additional air conditioning.

Geplante Verteilung der angeforderten Gelder

  • 315000 • 83% Twin house construction
  • 45000 • 12% Land purchasing
  • 20000 • 5% Territory improvement, installations


As global trends show nowadays, buyers tend to choose apartments with higher efficiency ratings in terms of space and energy efficiency. Velox is one of the best options that meet featured criteria.

Competition between banks and mortgage companies and governmental programs such as ALTUM boosted Latvian real estate market during last few years, as many young families are receiving mortgages and government support to acquire personal living space. Row-house is very good solution for this.


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Aigars Čauss

CEO and founder at SIA “Velox Latvija”.

Aigars is involved in Velox construction in Europe since year 2005. Aigars has graduated Latvian University. Aigars is always eager to explore new things when it’s about construction and new technologies related to real-estate.

Eugene Koshakov

Operations Manager at SIA “Brigitaluks”.

Eugene has more than 25 years experience in real-estate market. He holds MBA from Latvian University in Business Administration & Finance. During his career he was involved in more than 300 real-estate deals in Latvia and abroad.

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