High-end Row-House in Marupe #2

SIA “AA Development” is developing and constructing 4-section Row-House in one of the most actively developing neighborhood of Riga - Marupe.

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  • Feste Zinsen, % 19
  • Laufzeit, Monate 12
  • Ziel, € 580.000
  • Schon investiert, € 58.745

Why invest in “AA Development” (Key advantages)

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    Income opportunities

    19% fixed annual interest rate, 1 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    Sufficient background

    Sufficient experience, certified material, goal-oriented team.

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    You are protected

    Kuetzal Care and Investment buy-back available.

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    Other advantages

    Collateral-land and building along with personal guarantee from the company’s board member. Environmentally friendly project.

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General information

Latvian development company AA Development is a construction enterprise, which is already known on our platform from projects Senior House and Velox Twinhouse. More information about the company could be found on their webpage: http://aadevelopment.lv/

Company SIA “AA Development” is purchasing 1.0502 ha plot of land in Marupe and is going to use the land to fill with modern row-houses. Cadastral number: 80760120053


SIA “AA Development” is developing a 661m2 4-section row-house in Riga district - Marupe. Project will be performed and realized using high-tech and popular in northern European countries Bauroc Ecoterm +500 blocks. Houses have similar inner planning, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, and living room each. A personal garage that can accommodate 2 cars will be a part of each section. Company is also performing interior installations, landscape design and fence.


Bauroc blocks are used in the construction of both load-bearing and non-load bearing external walls and internal walls. Bauroc ECOTERM + blocks are used as external wall bearing and heat resistant wall constructions for mansions or as a load-bearing carcass for multi-functional buildings.

ECOTERM + with a width of 500 and 375 mm might be used as a wall for residential houses, boarding houses, hospitals and kindergartens without additional thermal insulation. The block with 300mm width requires additional thermal insulation.

Such wall constructions allow to keep the house warm in the winter and a pleasant coolness in the summer, guaranteeing sufficient sound insulation and perfect fire resistance. ECOTERM + blocks are one of the lightest building blocks to ease the weight of the wall construction, improve the blocking process of the blocks and speed up the work.

For these blocks, the strength on the press is fb = 1.8 N / mm², which allows building walls to be built up to 2 floors using reinforced concrete slabs or monolithic coverings.

Bauroc ECOTERM + 500mm blocks are ideal for energy-efficient houses. The heat transmittance coefficient of these blocks is U = 0.15 W / (m2K). These Bauroc ECOTERM + blocks are recognized in Latvia as the most suitable external wall material for construction without additional insulation. Bauroc blocks meet Northern European high energy efficiency requirements and harsh climatic conditions.

The normative U value for residential buildings in Latvia is 0.18W / (m2K).

Bauroc ECOTERM + 500 heat transfer coefficient U = 0.15 W / (m2K).

Geplante Verteilung der angeforderten Gelder

  • 522000 • 90% Row-house construction, interior installations
  • 58000 • 10% Territory, landscape improvement, fence, other outer installations


As global trends show nowadays, buyers tend to choose apartments with higher efficiency ratings in terms of space and energy efficiency. Bauroc Ecoterm+ material in one of the most popular choice among customers in Latvia today.

Competition between banks and mortgage companies and governmental programs such as ALTUM boosted Latvian real estate market during last few years, as many young families are receiving mortgages and government support to acquire personal living space. Row-house is one of the most popular examples of such experience.


A better Team is out there. We'll help you find it to use.

Eugene Koshakov

CEO and founder at SIA “AA Development”.

Eugene has more than 25 years experience in real-estate market. He holds MBA from Latvian University in Business Administration & Finance. During his career he was involved in more than 300 real-estate deals in Latvia and abroad.

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